Dune Medical Q4 2016 Update

Dear colleagues,

It has been a very busy and exciting year for the Dune Medical Team. It is with enthusiasm that we carry the progress made in 2016 into the New Year, continue to grow, and help physicians know that they “got it all” during lumpectomy surgery. As this year comes to a close, we want to share the successes of the 4th quarter that have paved the way for the fantastic year to come.

10,000 patients receiving the MarginProbe advantage

As you may know, with MarginProbe, surgeons have a greater chance of getting clean margins during the first lumpectomy surgery. We are very excited that as of Q4 2016, over 10,000 patients have been given that advantage, with that number growing every day! You can read more about our 10k milestone here.

The Death of Impossibility: Inspiration from Health Connect South 2016

Dune Medical CEO Lori Chmura at Health Connect South 2016

Dune Medical CEO Lori Chmura at Health Connect South 2016

In late September, we were honored to be invited to participate on a panel with Nancy Paris, President of the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education, and Marc O’Connor, COO for Curant Health at Health Connect South 2016. Our discussion ranged widely, from innovation to collaboration in care to access, patient engagement and ‘who is going to pay for all of this?’

Read more about the eclectic event, including our contribution, that gathers the south’s healthcare leaders, innovators and the next generation – students.

Latest Surgeon Spotlight – Dr. Jeffrey Falk

In 2016 we set out to shine a spotlight on the surgeons who partner with us to help ensure that breast cancer patients avoid a second lumpectomy surgery. It is because of these champion physicians all over the globe, that we are able to do what we do. With that being said, we added a new surgeon spotlight to the site! Dr. Jeffrey Falk shared with us his data and stories of MarginProbe success.Jeffrey Falk

“After looking at our preliminary data we’ve found MarginProbe has significantly reduced our incidence of a positive margin. That means that I’m taking patients much less frequently back to the operating room for re-excisions now,” said Falk. “In fact, with our first 36 cases using MarginProbe, we looked at our data and, our re-excision rate was 2.8%, which is far, far less than what you’d expect.” Read the full spotlight here.

Upcoming Q1 2017 events where you can connect with the Dune Medical Team

Every conference we attend is another opportunity to make invaluable connections, learn the latest in cancer treatment, and expand our reach. We are looking forward to attending Miami Breast in just a few short weeks and SSO Cancer Symposium shortly thereafter! Will you be attending one of these reputable conferences? We would love to connect! Contact info@dunemedical.com to schedule a meet up at Miami Breast or SSO.

If you would like to know more about Dune Medical and MarginProbe, contact marketing@dunemedical.com. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Lori Chmura
CEO Dune Medical

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