Lumpectomies and Clean Margins

From a patient’s perspective, there are many reasons to be comfortable with a lumpectomy procedure if this is what your surgeon recommends. With today’s advanced diagnostic methods, many breast cancers are discovered much earlier than in previous years, while the tumor is relatively small.  A lumpectomy can remove the cancerous tissue from the breast, and enable a much better cosmetic result compared to a full mastectomy.

A further important consideration is that lumpectomies—followed by radiation treatment, or chemotherapy, or both—have equivalent recurrence and survival rates to mastectomies.

When performing a lumpectomy, every surgeon’s goal is a clean margin: It is strong evidence that the cancerous tumor has been removed completely without leaving significant residual cancer behind.  Using the MarginProbe system, today’s surgeons have access to more information than ever before—immediately following the removal of the tumor—to help them make the best decisions regarding the need for additional tissue removal.

Lumpectomy Procedure

dune_full_illustration lumpectomy procedure


In the patient's own words:


“When I went in for my lumpectomy that was the recommended treatment, but at the same time I was offered the opportunity to have the MarginProbe analysis of the tumor that was just taken out of my body, and it was done right there in the surgery, right in the operating room….”

  • -Glynis Long

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Surgeon's Insights for Patients:

Dr. Melanie Friedlander
M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Melanie Friedlander with the Association of South Bay Surgeons is an expert in laparoscopic (minimally invasive) and breast cancer surgery. Throughout her career she has developed and published a variety of scientific studies and has presented several research projects at national medical conferences. She loves taking care of her patients and has the unique perspective that comes from being a breast cancer survivor herself. Patients tend to appreciate that this experience provides her with an insight into what they’re experiencing and they trust her expertise to guide them through this process. Read More

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