Our Technology

Our scientists created a priority technology called Radio-Frequency (RF) Spectroscopy to identify cancerous tissue in real time, enabling immediate reaction by the physician during the procedure.

Our technology utilizes RF electrical fields, similar to the frequency range of FM radio, to identify microscopic residual cancerous lesions at the area of tissue being examined.


About MarginProbe®

What if surgery got cancer in the first try? With MarginProbe, surgeons can assess the tissue in the operating room to give them greater confidence that they successfully removed all the cancer in the first lumpectomy surgery.


MarginProbe Overview

Dr. Christina Casteel, MD

General Surgeon – Sharp Hospital, San Diego


What is MarginProbe?

Dr. Stephanie Akbari, MD

Breast Oncologist, Director of Applied Surgical Technology – Inova Health Systems


What are clean margins and why are they important?

Dr. Alice Police, MD

Breast Cancer Surgical Oncologist – UC Irvine Medical Center

In Development

At Dune Medical, improving the standard of care around cancer treatment is what we strive for each and every day. We put unique, clinically actionable information into the hands of physicians to help them make the best possible decisions for patient care. We are continusously working on expanding our product portfolio and our geographic reach so that no one has to ask the question, “Did we get it all?”

Smart Biopsy System

Dune Medical Devices was selected as one of the few recipients of the European Union Horizon 2020 research grant to spur development of our biopsy system.  This new product will expand our surgical oncology portfolio to include a soft tissue biopsy system with its first indication in breast tissue.

Breaking Borders

We are implementing a go-to-market strategy expanding into new countries.  To lead this initiative an 18-month study is being conducted across the U.K. and will look at the health, cosmetic and financial impact of MarginProbe for lumpectomy patients.

Margins Matter

Margins matter in multiple cancer indications.  MarginProbe was initially FDA approved for breast cancer patients and we are now looking to expand our ground breaking technology into additional indications such as prostate, colon, lung and pancreas.