MarginProbe® Overview

What if surgery got cancer in the first try? With MarginProbe, surgeons can assess the tissue in the operating room to give them greater confidence that they successfully removed all the cancer in the first lumpectomy surgery.

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How Does MarginProbe® Help with DCIS?

How Does MarginProbe® Work?

What are clean margins?


Dr. Christina Casteel, MD
General Surgeon – Sharp Hospital, San Diego

Dr. Stephanie Akbari, MD
Breast Oncologist, Director of Applied Surgical Technology – Inova Health Systems

Dr. Alice Police, MD
Breast Cancer Surgical Oncologist – Northwell Health Breast Care Center

Our Technology

Our scientists created a proprietary technology called Radio-Frequency (RF) Spectroscopy to identify cancerous tissue in real time, enabling immediate reaction by the physician during the procedure.

Our technology utilizes RF electrical fields, similar to the frequency range of FM radio, to identify microscopic residual cancerous lesions at the area of tissue being examined.

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