Congresswoman Lucy McBath Advocates for Medical Device Innovation in the State of Georgia with a Visit to Dilon Devices

By May 30, 2019 News

ALPHARETTA (May 30, 2019)Dilon Devices was thrilled to host Congresswoman Lucy McBath in a recent visit to their Alpharetta office. McBath is a member of the United States House of Representatives from Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Since joining Congress in January of this year, she has shown support for multiple bills seeking to lower costs of healthcare for patients and help advance medical innovation. This includes her co-sponsorship of the bipartisan Protect Medical Innovation Bill (HR 2207) which would permanently repeal the 2.3% excise tax on medical device sales revenue. Repealing this tax will, instead, allow those dollars to be re-invested toward innovation and improving patient access to important medical technologies. Dilon applauds McBath’s leadership on these issues.

“It was fantastic getting to learn more about new and innovative technologies that are being developed in our own backyard,” Congresswoman McBath explained. “These technologies are important in improving patient care and access.”

Dilon has developed MarginProbe®, a device that identifies cancerous tissue in real-time during lumpectomy surgeries. Through their proprietary RF spectroscopy technology, MarginProbe® indicates whether there is any remaining cancer tissue on the removed breast specimen and provides immediate feedback to the breast surgeon during the procedure, allowing identified residual cancerous tissue to be removed during the patient’s initial breast surgery.

Congresswoman McBath added, “As a two-time breast cancer survivor and someone who has undergone two lumpectomies, I appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Dilon team to learn more about MarginProbe®.”

MarginProbe® is the only FDA approved device for identifying positive margins during breast conservation surgery and has been proven in approximately 20,000 cases, reducing re-excision rates up to 79%.

“We were excited to show Congresswoman McBath the peace-of-mind that MarginProbe® has provided to breast cancer patients,” explained Lori Chmura, CEO of Dilon Devices. “As the representative for the district where our office is headquartered and a two-time breast cancer survivor herself, she understands the importance of medical innovation and is an advocate for women’s healthcare. We are grateful for the passionate support of Congresswoman McBath in helping to overcome obstacles and improve access to care for unique solutions that lower costs and improve patient outcomes.”

Dilon was also able to demonstrate future applications of the technology, including Smart Biopsy, with Congresswoman McBath. Dilon looks forward to working with Congresswoman McBath in the future to help make innovative technologies like MarginProbe® that aim to improve the current standard of care available to every patient.

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