Dune Medical is improving the standard of care in the global breast cancer market.

Dune Medical Devices strives to improve the standard of care for cancer patients every single day. With a first indication in breast cancer, our proprietary radiofrequency spectroscopy platform has been utilized in over 10,000 patients. Our first device, MarginProbe®, has been shown to reduce re-excision rates in lumpectomy surgery by 62%.

And we are not stopping there. Our RF platform based biopsy device is currently in development thanks in part to a $3 million EC Horizon 2020 grant.

If you would like to know more about our business and its potential, contact info@dunemedical.com.


The 2018 Canaccord Genuity Medical Technologies and Diagnostics Forum Presentation can be watched here.

Breast cancer is a global problem

2 Million Women Worldwide

were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, 330K in the U.S.

~$30 Billion Global Economic Burden

nearly half due to medical costs and the balance attributable to non-medical and productivity costs.

1.6 Million Breast Biopsies

are performed in the U.S every year.

60-75% of patients 

choose lumpectomy for surgery, 200K in the U.S.

2X recurrence risk doubles

when positive margins are not excised.

10-50% of lumpectomies 

require a re-excision, or second surgery.

MarginProbe® delivers value to all healthcare constituents, helping healthcare systems successfully move from "volume to value".


  • Greater satisfaction with outcome.
  • Satisfaction in breast-conserving surgery.
    • Re-excisions adversely affect cosmetic outcomes.
    • Lower re-excision rate improves patients satisfaction.


  • Lower overall cost of care.
    • Re-excision adds $16K average additional hospital cost per patient.
  • Improved outcomes.


  • More satisfied patients.
  • More lumpectomies.
    • ~70% of patients prefer breast-conserving surgery.
  • Fewer conversion to mastectomy.
  • Improved OR efficiency.
  • More patients.