Lori Chmura discusses her experience in the medtech industry on Medtech Women @ SEMDA Webinar

By Feb 22, 2019 News

Lori Chmura was recently featured on an episode of the Medtech Women @ SEMDA (MW@S) webinar on January 18th. After being awarded Medtech Woman of the Year for 2018 by MW@S, Lori joined Jason Rupp on the webinar to discuss her work with Dilon Devices, the challenges she faced as a woman in the medtech industry, and more.

Challenges Faced

As she moved through the healthcare industry, Lori worked with a lot of men and quickly realized that many of them had a hard time managing and collaborating with women. There are only 24 women CEOs for Fortune 500 companies, and none of those companies are in medtech. She had to adapt her style to help them learn to work with her in a productive manner.

“One of the challenges that I would say was the hardest for me was recognizing how to be heard and not to be dismissed,” she said. “I learned right away that I needed to sit up front, be present, be participative and be seen.”


Lori credits her success to the relationships that she has formed throughout her career. She stresses the importance of making connections with people who are doing what you want to do. Mentoring played a big part in where she is today, as grew professionally from ICU nurse to CEO.

“My number one mentor along the path of my business career has been my husband because he challenges me more than anyone,” said Lori. “Not only has he been a great partner in raising our family, but really a mentor for me as a businesswoman all along the way.”


As for advice, Lori encouraged listeners to not be afraid to put themselves and their ideas out there – specifically women. Creating a healthy work/life balance, choosing your path, getting involved, meeting people, and networking all play key roles in a successful career.

“Don’t be afraid to sit at the table, be thoughtful, and be present,” said Lori. “Recognize your own challenges or developmental needs and look for techniques to navigate around those so that you can be heard and you can be valued as a contributor.”

You can watch the full MW@S Webinar below or by visiting http://semda.net/webinars/.



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