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What if surgery got cancer in the first try? With MarginProbe, surgeons can assess the tissue in the operating room to give them greater confidence that they successfully removed all the cancer in the first lumpectomy surgery.


MarginProbe Overview


What is MarginProbe?


What are clean margins and why are they important?

How It Works



With MarginProbe, surgeons can identify positive margins in real-time on the lumpectomy specimen enabling them to take additional tissue during the first lumpectomy surgery.

The technology uses radio-frequency (RF) electrical fields to probe the tissue in order to identify any cancer that may be remaining on the surface of the tissue removed from the breast. If MarginProbe identifies cancer on the surface of the tissue the surgeon will remove additional tissue from the breast at the time of surgery.


The question “Did we get all the cancer?” weighs on every surgeon and patient’s mind for days after surgery until they receive the final pathology report.  The goal of every lumpectomy is to get clean or clear margins.  This means to remove the cancerous tissue with a small rim of normal tissues surrounding it, called the margin. With MarginProbe, surgeons have greater confidence that they can get clean margins in the first lumpectomy procedure.  Watch the videos to learn more about how surgeons get clean margins in the operating room.


Why are clean margins important?


How do you get clean margins in the operating room?


What are the different tools and methods to help a surgeon get clean margins in the first surgery?


Depending on your cancer diagnosis, your doctor will recommend a lumpectomy or a mastectomy to treat your cancer.    If your cancer is being treated with a lumpectomy then MarginProbe can give you greater confidence that your surgeon will remove all the cancer in your first surgery.  Watch the videos to learn more about how patients benefit from MarginProbe.


Choosing between a lumpectomy and mastectomy.


Which patients are suited for MarginProbe?


How does MarginProbe help with a lumpectomy?


How to talk to your doctor about MarginProbe.


Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) can be a challenge for a surgeon to identify during surgery because it doesn’t form a lump so the surgeon can’t feel or see it.  MarginProbe has been proven to be equally as effective in identifying DCIS as it is in identifying invasive cancers.  Watch the videos to learn more about DCIS and how surgeons overcome the challenges with DCIS during surgery.


What is DCIS?


How do you get clean margins with DCIS?


Is it harder to have clean margins with DCIS?


Why is DCIS more challenging than invasive cancer?

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