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Dune Medical Raises $12M to Take RF Spectroscopy Technology Beyond Breast Cancer

The future of RF spectroscopy and Dune’s recent investment round featured by MassDevice and FierceBiotech

Dune Medical’s recent $12.3M investment round led by Canepa Healthcare, ATON Partners, and the Kraft Group was recently highlighted by both MassDevice and FierceBiotech. The funding opens doors for our company to develop new solutions which are developed on a first-of-its-kind RF Spectroscopy platform that differentiates cancerous from healthy tissue based on electromagnetic properties, making it possible for patients and physicians to answer the question, “Did we get it all?”

We initially applied our technology to help surgeons ensure clean margins during breast-conserving surgery. “This financing round is a testament to the success of the revolutionary radiofrequency (RF) spectroscopy technology that created our first product, the MarginProbe system,” says Lori Chmura, CEO of Dune Medical. “And it is the basis for our surgical oncology platform which is quickly becoming the standard of care in cancer treatment.”

“Breast cancer patients may undergo a mastectomy—removal of the whole breast—or a lumpectomy, which only removes the part of the breast containing the tumor,” says Amirah Al Idrus, Editor of FierceBiotech. “The goal of a lumpectomy is to get rid of the tumor, as well as some of the breast tissue around it. But sometimes, cancerous cells are left behind, which can necessitate a second procedure. Dune Medical is looking to apply its RF spectroscopy platform to other cancer types, including prostate, colon, lung and pancreatic cancers.” Read the full article by FierceBiotech here.

“Dune plans to use the funds to apply their technology, which is designed to provide real-time detection of cancer cells on the margins of tumors, to other cancers,” says Brad Perriello, co-founder of MassDevice. “Their first device, MarginProbe won FDA approval for use in breast lumpectomies in January 2013; today the company said more than 2,500 patients in a trio of large randomized trials and peer-reviewed studies showed re-excision reduction rates of up to 79%.” Read the full article by MassDevice here.

“ATON Partners, led by Patrick Sullivan and Dan Levangie, are excited to support Dune Medical as they capitalize on their RF spectroscopy platform not only in breast cancer surgery, but in developing the technology to improve disease assessment in other, often difficult cancers,” said Daniel Levangie, Managing Partner of ATON Partners. “Our investment presents an opportunity for the company to continue its important development work, and in the near-term to fund key strategic initiatives which support MarginProbe access, such as gaining coding and payment.”
You can read the announcement, in full, here.

If you would like to learn more about RF spectroscopy’s capability to reduce re-excisions for breast cancer patients or what the future of our technology holds for biopsy in breast cancer and other indications, contact to hear more about the emerging technologies produced by Dune Medical.